Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Truth About The Downing of the Russian SU-24

Intelaleak’s first major leak!

The Truth about the downed Russian S-24 bomber by the Turks and how Greece ties in with it!

New revelations surface about how Turkey, indeed, SHOT DOWN illegally that Russian bomber, revelations that ONLY the Greek government can provide for us!

        •       From what it appears, President Obama has been helping Greek PM, Alexis Tsipras, deal with the hostile Angela Merkel from Germany by telling her to ease up on Greece a bit. WHY? because Tsipras and his coalition government partner, Panos Kammenos, took their orders from Obama to NOT talk about the shooting down of the S-24 -for which they, the Greeks, have all the facts- for obvious reasons: THERE’S A SECOND COLD WAR IN PLACE!
        •       Obama is essentially paying back Tsipras, Kammenos and Greek Intel Chief, Giannis Roubatis, for not disclosing their concrete intelligence on this matter.  Apparently, it is ONLY the Greek government that was able to get the REAL intelligence on what actually went down that fateful day for those Russian pilots!
        •       The Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Alexis Tsipras -who has subjected the Greek nation and its wealth, the Greek people, their livelihoods and families to unbelievable oppression and degradation in co-operation with the EU’s Troika under a FALSE bail-out program which should have NEVER happened in the first place- knew about the downing of the Russian S-24 bomber, especially right after the fact!  The key here, though, is that…THEY NEVER TOLD ANYONE, ESPECIALLY VLADIMIR PUTIN AND HIS GOVERNMENT!
        •       We here at Intelaleak have all the facts and are officially releasing them…TODAY!
        •       We reiterate: The Greek government and its players, Mr. Alexis Tsipras from SYRIZA and Mr. Panos Kammenos from ANEL ("The Independent Greeks"), KNEW that it was, indeed, the Turks that shot down the S-24 Russian bomber but, as of yet, still have NOT released the information to the public, especially to Russia and Putin’s government even now that Erdogan and the Turkish government admited it and ask V. Putin and the Russians for their forgivnes.!

 Let’s now get into all the juicy details shall we?

                -There is a division of the Greek Intelligence Services called the 5th Division which was able to provide us with this information.  THEY were the ones who had this intelligence but were told to shut up by their chief, G. Roubatis, and by A. Tsipras and P. Kammenos.
                - From the outset of this incident, this particular piece of intel went out from the 5th Div. to the Greek Intelligence Services’ chief for obvious reasons because they had to report it.
                - It was the Director of the 5th Div. that informed the head of Greek intel, Giannis Roubatis, right away about the intelligence that they had gathered which showed it was, indeed, the Turks who shot down the Russian bomber, then in question.
                - After a few hours, however, Roubatis gives an order to…DESTROY the evidence!
                - So the question here is: With WHOM was Mr. Roubatis in concert with regarding this issue and the destruction of the evidence??? Did he consult with Mr. Tsipras about this? …with Mr. Nikos Pappas, the Minister of State? …with Deputy Citizen Protection Minister, Mr. Nikos Toskas? …with Nikos Kotzias, the Minister of Foreign Affairs? …or perhaps with Mr. Panos Kammenos himself, the coalition government partner of Tsipras and also Minister of Defense?
                - However, according to our intelligence, people close of Kammenos say that Mr. Kammenos learned of the event after a couple of days from Greek military personnel stationed in Cyprus and then went to Mr. Tsipras and strongly complained to him about it.  It was apparently Tsipras who wanted to glean both the Americans’ and NATO’s favor on this issue all by himself. So the questions begs regarding Tsipras’s initial reactions: (1) When PM Tsipras learned of the details of this incident, did he take it directly to the Greek President, Prokopis Pavlopoulos??? (2) Did he inform the President of the Greek Parliament, Nikos Voutsis? (3) Did he consult with the then opposition leader, Mr. Plakiotakis? (4) Last, WHY did he not inform his coalition partner, Kammenos, right away???
                - Now, why did Tsipras, Kammenos and Roubatis choose to handle this very significant piece of information in the manner in which they did?  Were they out to perhaps…PLEASE SOMEONE??? Was this not…TREASON ON THEIR PART;;; WHY did they not at least use this situation, along with their strong intelligence that THEY uniquely held, as a strong card which they could have played against the Turks so that they could have negotiated from a position of strength with the West regarding the problems that the nation of Greece is facing???
                - The intel that the Greek Intelligence Services gathered concerning the downing of that Russian S-24 bomber by the Turks had to do with some signals from a Turkish tower in Turkey that gave the orders to the Turkish F-16 pilots to…SHOOT DOWN THAT RUSSIAN BOMBER!  What the Greek 5th Div. received from its unit in Cyprus was the actual documented evidence of this from their sources about the shooting down of the Russian bomber.  WE cant tell you many details of this incident but what we can tell you, though, is that Mr. Giannis Roubatis ORDERED the DESTRUCTION of ALL EVIDENCE even the recording of the incident!  He was not, though, able to destroy all the evidence and what we have in our possession is what we are leaking to you all today!
                - So here is the concrete evidence PROVING what we say here. This, alone, will cause a major stir in Greek government, military and intelligence circles!  THIS CANNOT BE DISPUTED!  Here we provide for you all the details:
                - The signal left on the 24th of November 2015, at 9:23 am, from the 6th Electronic War Unit in Cyprus with Information Sheet No. 8191.
                - The data from this document was provided by the 6th Electronic War Unit, of the 5th Div. of the Greek Intelligence Agency.