Wednesday, May 4, 2016

EU Commission backs visa- free travel deal with Turkey

[ Editor’s Note: The EU commission seems to be fast-tracking the visa program for Turkey. Anyone familiar with government red tape in that region of the world knows there is no way all of the required issues are being resolved quickly.

Turkey is getting a waive-through on them, but that still leaves the independent EU countries to throw a monkey wrench into final passage.

When the EU cannot even process refugees, one wonders how they are going to keep track of the millions of Turkish refugees who will now flood into Europe. Where will the resources come from and who will pay for them, and where will all the Turkish translators come from?

This is going to add another big mess on top of the several that the EU already has. And millions of Ukrainians are waiting like a coiled spring to get out of the self-inflicted suicide of that country, which includes a lot of the criminal gangs looking to move on to richer pastures.

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